Why you should choose a bespoke wedding suit and when should you get it!

“Grooms are often at the bottom of the list”.

There is no doubt that when it comes to weddings the groom and his pals tend to feature fairly far down the wedding planners things to do list. A recent survey that we carried out suggests that over three quarters of couples only start thinking about the grooms suits less than 6 months before the wedding and 35% just 3 months before! Grooms are often at the bottom of the list. There are many reasons for this not least that the venue, caterers, cars and entertainment (which usually cost the biggest share of any budget) now need to be booked up years in advance. But I also think that couples some times just assume “its just a suit”, that as long as it’s smart what does it matter. That there is no real difference between renting a morning coat to having one made, or certainly not one worth the additional cost. For many this may be the case, and that’s absolutely fine. But it certainly isn’t the experience that our customers have. When I am asked how soon the groom should start thinking about the suit I say it’s never soon enough. I would much rather the suit is finished and hanging ready to wear 3 months before the wedding than last minute fittings days or hours before the big day! And believe me this does happen. So start thinking about it a good 9 months before your wedding and book your appointments at least 6 months before the big day.

Oliver Phelps (Harry Potter actor), dressed in his traditional bespoke morning suit.

Oliver Phelps (Harry Potter actor), dressed in his traditional bespoke morning suit.

“One thing unites my customers….they see the bespoke wedding suit as an investment not a costly tick in a box”.

I have two distinct customers when it comes to wedding suits but one thing unites them all. I have those that wish to wear traditional morning coats and those that want to wear a traditional suit. The former usually attend a few events each year where morning coats are worn, it therefore makes sense to buy one rather than hire one. These clients probably represent 10/15% of our bespoke wedding suits. The vast majority now a days a looking for a traditional suit that looks perfect for the wedding but that they can also where afterwards. Two different needs but with one thing that unites them…they all see the bespoke wedding suit as an investment not just a costly tick in a box.

You see unlike the wedding dress (hopefully), the grooms wedding suit can be worn again! Not only that but it can also be tailored to the wedding theme which brings me to reasons why people should consider a bespoke suit.

“A bespoke wedding suit can be tailored to the wedding as well as the individual”

Probably the ultimate personalisation of a wedding suit is to have the lining printed with your own design. Below you can see a number of examples where our client chose a picture of their choice and we designed and printed it for them.

Some people however want to make a statement on the outside. One way to do this is with the fabric and we are huge fans of using blends such as Mohair and Silk from brands such as Zegna, Dormeuil and Scabal. However, some clients want more subtle cue to the wedding them such as different colour button holes or one of our unique features such as the bevel cuff. You can see examples in the gallery below.