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5 Reasons to buy a Bespoke Wedding suit

  1. Buying a bespoke wedding suit is an investment. It can be designed to be worn again either at work or special occasions.

  2. The cloth can be chosen to perfectly compliment the wedding dress.

  3. Linings and trims can bring out other wedding palette colours.

  4. The suit will fit you perfectly.

  5. You can have a message or your names embroidered inside.

Samuel L Jackson showing off his Mathieson & Brooke Tailors bespoke suit with bespoke lining on The Late Show

Samuel L Jackson wore his Mathieson & Brooke Tailors bespoke suit on The Late Show recently. You can find out how we made this suit on the main page but needless to say the main man was very clear on what he wanted, right down to the bespoke printed lining.